Message from Pastor Fred and Shirley Gray

Welcome to First Missionary Baptist Church!  We desire to be a group of friendly people who worship God in a very simple way.  We are followers of the Christ and are interested in learning more about Jehovah through His Word and putting into practice the pure religion which we learn.  We want you to be perfectly at ease in all services; you may participate in the singing and prayers.

We invite you to join us, expecting to connect, engage and experience God!  You'll be warmly greeted and given a bulletin, with a description of the day's worship service and a list of upcoming activities at First Missionary Baptist Church.  Worship will begin with powerful music from a variety of sources – praise and worship, gospel and old hymns, instrumental and vocal music in new ways, followed by an inspirational and Bible-based message.

First Missionary Baptist Church is a Bible-grounded, Jesus-centered, family-friendly, multi-cultural, grace-based church that warmly embraces everyone, especially the most hurting and broken.  We are a church anyone can come to.

We don't have a dress code, and you'll notice a lot of variety in what people wear to worship.  Some come in jeans and t-shirts.  Some come in dresses, shirts, and ties.  Attend our worship services in your comfortable clothing.  God looks on the heart, not a person's clothes.

Again, we really want you to come, have a worship experience and see that God is doing a new thing at First Missionary Baptist Church.  Join us and let God do a new thing in your life.